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in the Hotel Tychy building in Jana Pawła II 10 street. We are committed to the highest standards of business ethics. The company’s strength consists in matching a job offer with the Client’s needs and requests – all commissions are treated individually.

We operate mostly in the Upper Silesian metropolitan area, but in particular cases we manage recruitment across Poland.

Our company’s philosophy is built on the three basic principles that guide our actions and decisions:

  • professionalism – we use only proven methods. We do not assume an obligation, unless we are capable of fulfilling it.

  • communication – our employees remain at the disposal of our Clients and provide them with current information on the latest offers and the progress of the recruitment process.

  • time – we are aware that time is the key to succeeding in business ventures, therefore we know how to manage time responsibly and effectively so as to achieve our goals as soon as possible.

We pay special attention to the high quality of our services, which are rendered in compliance with all the applicable state laws and regulations governing our business.

Job4You is a qualified team of committed people who work with passion and for whom each Client is a new challenge!

We invite all people interested to check out our offer. If you are looking for advice, we are ready to help. Contact us, if you need professional support in employment matters!!!

Seeking Subcontractors

We seek companies and persons contracting to perform part or all of an original contractor’s...


Seeking Commercial Partners

We help enterprises to enter into commercial relations. We operate on the basis of market analysis and direct contact...


Temporary Employment

Temporary job is performing tasks for the benefit of an employer for a period of time not longer than indicated in the...


Job Placement

Job placement services include: - helping unemployed individuals and job-seekers to find a suitable job - obtaining...


Work Permit for Foreigners

Work permit is a document which authorizes a foreigner to work legally in Poland, provided that they have a visa or a...


Pozwolenie na pobyt w Polsce

Cudzoziemiec planujący przebywać w Polsce powyżej 3 miesięcy może ubiegać się o zezwolenie na pobyt czasowy w...



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Instalator ogrzewania i klimatyzacji

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For whom:

An entity entrusting work performance to a foreigner, i.e. an organisational entity, even if it does not have a legal personality, or a natural person that entrusts a foreigner with work performance based on a contract or other employment relationship

A work permit is required when a foreigner:

  1. carries out work in the Republic of Poland under an employment contract or a civil law contract with an employer whose seat, residence, branch, plant or other organized form of business activity is on the territory of the Republic of Poland – in this case the foreigner is issued a type A work permit
  2. resides in the Republic of Poland for a total period exceeding 6 months within a period of 12 subsequent months in relation to performing a function of a member of the Management Board of a legal entity entered into the register of entrepreneurs or being a capital company organised within the Republic of Poland – the foreigner is then issued a type B work permit
  3. performs work for a foreign employer and is delegated to the territory of the Republic of Poland for a period exceeding 30 days in a calendar year to a branch or plant belonging or related to the foreign employer as defined by the Personal Income Tax Act dated of July 26th, 1991 – the foreigner is then issued a type C work permit;
  4. performs work for a foreign employer that does not have a branch, plant or other organized form of business activity in the Republic of Poland and is delegated to the Republic of Poland in order to engage in export, i.e. a temporary and occasional service – the foreigner is then issued a type D work permit;
  5. performs work for a foreign employer and is delegated to the territory of the Republic of Poland for a period exceeding 3 months within a period of 6 subsequent months for a purpose which does not fall under the provisions for points 2-4 (a type E work permit)  

Temporary employment consists in recruiting, selecting, and employing temporary workers and delegating them to work in your company.

Benefits of temporary employment:

  • variable costs instead of fixed personal costs

  • a form of employment suited to your company’s current needs

For Employees

There are different types of employment available:

contract of employment (an employee undertakes to perform work of a specified kind, in a specified place, and in a specified period of time, whereas an employer undertakes to pay remuneration to the employee)

temporary job (an employment relationship where performing tasks of seasonal and ad hoc nature for the benefit of the employer is limited to a period of time not longer than indicated in the contract)

casual work (an employment relationship which is considered non-permanent and typically part-time. Casual work is similar to seasonal employment, but it applies to virtually all kinds of performed tasks)

traineeship (a period of service as an unemployed individual learns the practical skills needed for a particular job by performing work in the workplace, but without entering into an employment relationship)



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